The 5 Best Halloween Costumes From NBA Players

By: 10.28.11

Dwight Howard
4. Dwight Howard As A Bum
The beard does it. Actually, kudos for coordinating the beard and hair game. It looks like smelly, damp dog hair where someone just strained the water out, let it sit in the sun for a few days and then sprayed it gray. Howard could make this work because he’d be willing to go stand on the street and beg for quarters. He’d dive completely into the character and not come up until daylight. The sign is unintentional comedy in itself. Dwight thinks he’s a phenomenal dancer, but if he’s willing to dance for food, I’m not sure how far that’s going to get him.

3. Marquis Daniels As A Preacher
So ironic. Daniels is a good dude, but stereotypically, with his body art, the last thing you’d seen him as is a preacher. I doubt you could ever get him to boom like a preacher either. He’s a pretty quiet dude. This must’ve been a relatively easy costume to put together, but he still went all out with the book, the glasses and the cross.
Marquis Daniels

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