James Harden & The Drew League Get Their Big Payback

By: 10.10.11
Kenyon Martin

Kenyon Martin, Dime #3

Who do y’all think are the best crowds in the NBA? New York, Boston, Miami (Yeah right)? Well in an interview with RedsArmy.com, Rajon Rondo crowned the Golden State Warriors as having the loudest crowd in the NBA. We believe it. The title for most obnoxious, however, that one goes to the Chicago Bulls. Rondo said ever since the playoffs a couple years back when he and Kirk Hinrich “got into it,” the Chicago crowd has booed and heckled him constantly … While NBA players are concerned with the lockout and fret over what could happen should they decide to play overseas, American Chauncey Hardy – a former guard at Sacred Heart – was killed this weekend in Romania. The 23-year-old was attacked by multiple people while he was out celebrating a big win with CSS Giurgiu, and by the time he was admitted into the hospital, he was in a coma after suffering two heart attacks and severe head injuries. Terrible news … The greatest point guard of all-time, Magic Johnson, was on Jay Leno this weekend and had some interesting words regarding Metta World Peace and his decision to change his name. Magic told Metta to “come back down to earth” and joked about the effect it will have on NBA announcers. Should the announcers call Ron Artest “Metta World Peace” during games or refer to him as his previous name? “Metta World Peace” would definitely be funnier, and it’ll eventually catch on, but right now it just feels like a big joke. It’s hard to take it seriously … We received a few critical comments after the Kenyon Martin update in yesterday’s Smack. Here’s his reaction, via Twitter: All yall that has something to say about me! Send me your home address and I will make a special trip to ur house and kick yo ass myself. But for real, check out dude’s whole timeline. Our man was not very happy … Amar’e Stoudemire has given himself the nickname “Renaissance Man” … And next Saturday, the Battle of I-95 will continue with Philadelphia’s All-Stars traveling to Washington D.C. to face off with Kevin Durant, John Wall & co. The setting is Calvin Coolidge High School, and the game will be streaming live on iLinkSports.com for $.99 … We’re out like Nick Young’s hair.

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