Top 20 NBA Free Agents

By: 11.28.11  •  21 Comments

Wilson Chandler (photo. Matt Brown)

10. Wilson Chandler *– Super athletic and all the talent in the world. If he can put it all together with some consistency, he’s a great 5th or 6th man for a contender.

9. Caron Butler – Injuries have killed him, but he may be the most talented ballplayer on this entire list.

8. David West – One of the best shooting big men in the game, which is a big plus as he enters later years of his career.

7. Jamal Crawford – Very few players in the league can create their own shot off the dribble as well as Crawford. A natural scorer. What team wouldn’t want him as their first guard off the bench?

6. J.R. Smith – Like Barea, he’s a game-changer. Has range out to 28 feet. Super athletic and scores buckets in a hurry. The 2011 version of The Microwave. There were all sorts of reports about Smith severely injuring his knee in China last week. We’ll see how healthy he is once he starts talking to NBA teams.

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