Who Would You Want: Rajon Rondo Or Chris Paul?

By: 11.30.11  •  19 Comments

Rajon Rondo

“The amount of players that make others around them better in the NBA can be counted on two hands. They are a rare commodity. Rajon Rondo happens to fit in that category. With the decline of Steve Nash, Rondo is the best playmaker in the league. His ability to create for others is simply unmatched in the NBA. He averaged 13.2 assists per game in November and December combined, and finished the year just behind Nash for the NBA lead in assists at over 11 per game.

Some could make the argument that this is a function of the players around him, but that simply is not the case. Watching Rondo play, it’s obvious that his elite level of quickness and court vision allows players such as Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis to do what they do best: spot up and shoot.

The point guard is supposed to be the facilitator for the rest of the team. They rely on him to get the rest of the players on the court involved. Rondo’s 3.3 assist-to-turnover ratio speaks for itself.

Rondo plays within himself, always focusing on how he can manage all of the players around him. This is no easy task either. Since Rondo is playing around a core of three potential Hall of Famers, satisfying three gargantuan egos isn’t easy. Somehow, Rondo knows how to keep everyone happy, while managing to explode for occasional big scoring nights.

He might not be a high-volume scorer, but Rajon Rondo is a master of the point guard position.” – Lucas Shapiro

Which player would you rather have running your team?

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