Chris Trew Wants to Save the Hornets from David Stern

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Dime: Let’s talk about the videos you made. What inspired you to make ’em?
CT: Well, there are more videos in the works. I’m working with this guy Jonathan Evans who shot and edited the videos by himself – hes a bad ass.

I’m a comedian so its my job to poke fun of relevant things but I also did it to promote the team. The team has contacted me and told me they love the videos. So I’m hoping it could turn into something more official. Also, I like showing the world that there is a Hornets super fan out there with a voice.

Dime: Let’s say in an ideal world you actually do become the owner. What would you do as an owner to make the Hornets even better?
CT: If I really was the owner, I would re-brand them. I would go through all of the concession stands and get rid of all of the generic bullshit popcorn, hot dog stands. Instead, we would have all bad ass New Orleans institution food – you know the most famous restaurants in the city would have stuff for sale at the arena. I would make it the ultimate New Orleans experience. I would use the team to boost tourism in the city. I would want other NBA fans from other teams to come to the city – we will have suites for them. Tell them to come hang out in the city for like three days and check out a game in a suite while they are here. I would do fun things like that.

Basketball-wise I would certainly tie up Chris Paul and David West… [Editor’s note: This interview was conducted before the Chris Paul trade madness that erupted last Thursday]

Dime: So how would you actually keep Chris Paul here?
CT: I think we have a better shot than people think. I mean we have a better than decent team. Ironically it involves David West because if West goes its going to be hard to keep Paul. But I think our coach and GM both come from that San Antonio system and know what they are doing. I would not be surprised if they were able to pull some thing where we got a border line elite player like Danny Granger or Andre Iguodala.

But people keep talking about the infamous wedding toast at Melo’s wedding so if Paul wants to go I say we trade him, stock up on draft picks and young talent then lose every game by one point. Or we try to win this year. I believe!

Dime: Interesting take…so what type of response have you received?
CT: People love it. I had a couple of people stop me while I was walking around and be like, “You’re the dude from the Hornets video!” A lot of the local media outlets picked it up and with the team loving the response, things have been phenomenal. I have to keep one upping things though – got to make the next one bigger than the previous one.

Dime: So what’s next for you?
CT: I am going to make more videos. We are actually going to get arena access and shoot the next couple of videos in there.

I would love for everyone that reads this to know that this city is supporting the Hornets and that the team is not going anywhere. We sold a shit load of new season tickets, the Jazz weren’t supposed to leave but that wasn’t the city’s fault. The arena is awesome, games are fun and the Hornets are part of the community. Come to New Orleans and watch a game – I have six season tickets so anyone reading this get in touch with me and we will go to a game and I will take you around New Orleans. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook – it will be one of the greatest experiences of your life.

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