Monday Madness: Best & Worst of the College Basketball Weekend

By: 12.05.11

4 Future Pros You Know

Tim Hardaway Jr., SG, Michigan – His team wears blue and yellow, he wears No. 10, and his name is Tim Hardaway. Other than that, Junior really has nothing in common with his famous father on the court. Where the original NBA All-Star Tim Hardaway was a compact playmaking point guard who famously broke down defenders with his crossover, Tim Jr. is a long and lanky scorer at 6-5 who excels more in catch-and-shoot and transition situations. But the kid can ball. Hardaway had 19 points and six rebounds to lead the Wolverines past Iowa State.

Anthony Davis, PF, Kentucky – Nobody will remember that Davis posted a modest seven points, nine boards, two steals and two blocks against North Carolina. To be honest, no one player dominated a game that featured at least 10 future pros. But Davis jumped to the top of most NBA Draft boards with his game-saving block in the final seconds. That play not only displayed Davis’ length, instincts, athleticism and defensive prowess, but also his sense of the big moment. It was a star-making play in a star-making game.

Thomas Robinson, PF, Kansas – I’m not saying a player shouldn’t dunk the ball 100 percent of the time if that’s what the defense is giving him. You’re supposed to take the high-percentage shot, and as much as some stick-up-their-ass pundits act like dunking is all about showboating, a dunk is the most efficient way to score. But at the same time, I still can’t tell if Robinson – who had 14 points, eight rebounds and four steals against South Florida – has an offensive game beyond his dunks. I did, however, say the same thing about J.J. Hickson after watching him in high school and at NC State, and he’s done pretty well for himself in the league.

Ashton Gibbs, PG, Pittsburgh – NBA shooting coaches aren’t exactly like NFL quarterback coaches, so hopefully nobody at the next level tries to “fix” Gibbs’ unorthodox form before they see what he can do with it. Gibbs put up 16 points, five boards, six assists and three steals to help Pitt beat Tennessee, and is shooting 42 percent beyond the arc this season.

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