Top 10 Comebacks In NBA History

By: 12.16.11

3. 2002 Eastern Conference Finals Game 3 – Boston 94 New Jersey 90
Any comeback that can help turn Paul Pierce into the Second Coming and Antoine Walker into the best motivational speaker since Jimmy V deserves respect. The Celtics of this era were loveable because of the way they played (shooting threes at a pace J.R. Smith would envy) and the characters involved (all of these knuckleheads on the same team: Kenny Anderson, Eric Williams, Tony Battie and the Boston legend Walter McCarty.)

Perhaps the most amazing statistic was the Celtics scored 53 in the first 36 minutes, and then dropped 41 in the final quarter. Also, there’s no question about the defining moment here. In a huddle at the start of the fourth, Walker lit into the Truth in plain view of the TV cameras, screaming at him to take the ball to the hoop with Boston down 21 (they were once down 26). Pierce proceeded to shred New Jersey.

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