Top 10 Comebacks In NBA History

By: 12.16.11

1. 2004 – Houston 81 San Antonio 80
You can hear it on the video. Less than a minute to play. 10-point Spurs lead. Boos raining down. Game over right? Tracy McGrady hit four threes and scored 13 points in less than a minute, and sent Tim Duncan pouting back to the locker room. If there was a list counting down the greatest single-man comebacks ever, this is right up there with Robert Downey Jr. (or Paul Millsap, who scored 11 points in 28 seconds last season to beat Miami in South Beach).

I still don’t have an idea exactly what happened. It was like one of those times with your boys where he’s kicking your ass in Madden, then pauses to take a piss. You rush into settings, make a few changes and soon he’s freaking out, not knowing what’s happening as you suddenly turn invincible. The Rockets won this game because T-Mac and Yao Ming combined for 60; Their next best offensive weapon was Juwan Howard… with five points. McGrady hit just 5-for-12 from deep, but as the cliché goes, he made the ones when it counted. You know you’ve made history – and done something that will forever be associated with your name – when fans start coining phrasing after it. 13 in 35 will live on well past McGrady’s sorry end-of-career state.

Did I miss any? What do you think is the greatest comeback in NBA history?

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