Derrick Rose Is Unstoppable; Blake Griffin Is Unbelievable

By: 01.31.12

Caron Butler

The Blazers and Jazz met up in a high-energy bloodbath last night that Utah eventually ended up winning 93-89. The Utah fans always seem one 5-Hour Energy away from rushing the court, but last night they were unusually antsy. Jeremy Evans had one putback dunk in the fourth quarter that turned the arena into a Toby Keith concert, and down the stretch it felt like life and death. While Gordon Hayward had a huge block on a fastbreak against Jamal Crawford, and Paul Millsap (19 points, 15 rebounds) worked his spin move again in the final two minutes, Nicolas Batum (15 points) was the Blazers’ fourth quarter, hitting four threes, including three in a row. His steal with 35 seconds left gave Portland a chance to tie at 89. But on a drive from the left wing, Batum’s left knee buckled and he fell to the floor like a baby deer, screaming and clutching his knee. Turnover. No foul. Game over. Batum had to be helped off into the locker room … Biiiiingoooo. That was the only way the color guys could react after the Clippers nearly ended the half with a 12-0 run – on four treys by Caron Butler, Mo Williams and Chauncey Billups – in literally like 10 seconds. The game became a mere formality in the second half, with Butler (22 points), Chris Paul (26 points, 14 rebounds) and co. brushing off Kevin Durant (36 points, 13 rebounds) and Russell Westbrook (31 points) in the Clippers’ eventual 112-100 win … Just 24 hours after LeBron caught the stairway to Heaven on John Lucas‘ shoulders, Blake Griffin gave Kendrick Perkins a permanent mean mug by hitting him with Mozgov, Part II … During their blowout win, Miami fell on the Hornets in the third quarter harder than 100 Nate Newtons, dominating them to the point that none of their stars had to set foot on the court in the fourth frame. LeBron would’ve had a triple-double easily (22 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists) if they had needed it … Milwaukee destroyed the Pistons by 21 behind Brandon Jennings (21 points) and Mike Dunleavy (20) … And Dallas is suddenly rolling. They beatdown Phoenix 122-99 as two of the new guys (Vince Carter, Delonte West) led the way (21 and 25 points respectively). The Mavs are now 14-8, and their slow start is nearly forgotten … The Lakers are showing some interest in Cleveland’s backup point, Ramon Sessions. While his salary and fit (Sessions doesn’t shoot the ball that well) isn’t ideal, when you’re stuck with what they have, you roll the dice … And former NBA star Jayson Williams has apparently reemerged as… the “Moses of Rikers” … We’re out like the Magic.

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