Dime Q&A: Dorell Wright On The Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade & Dinner Protocol With Former Teammates

By: 01.30.12
Dorell Wright

Dorell Wright (photo. Jeff Forney)

Dime: Everyone seems to have different thoughts on the proper protocol when you visit your old city or your teammates visit yours. What are your thoughts on getting dinner – either the night before the game or after the game – with your former teammates?
DW: It’s always cool to do things like that, you just gotta make sure you keep it how it is. Outside the lines, you can be best friends in the world; but once you get in-between those lines, you get a dap now and we’re gonna go out here and battle for 48 minutes. Let the best team win. I don’t have a problem with guys wanting to hang with other guys. Pat Riley used to call that fraternizing. (laughs) Back in the day I think they used to take it a little too serious as far as hanging out and having a friendship with guys from other teams, but you still gotta respect the professionalism of them being the opponent and you going against them. It’s always cool to hang out with your old friends though.

Dime: What’s the biggest difference living wise between the Bay Area and Miami?
DW: It’s not 80 degrees every morning when I wake up. I love California being a California kid, so I don’t have a problem with it.

Dime: Did you drive a different type of car in Miami?
DW: Nah. Actually I drive all the same cars, but I’m getting rid of some because they’re a little too exotic to be here in California.

Dime: What are you getting rid of?
DW: My Bentley. That sticks out like a sore thumb out here. In Miami I blended in, so I’m gonna get rid of that.

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