DimeBag: The Weekly Dime Mailbag, Volume XVI

By: 01.13.12

David, Atlanta:

If you could alter the end of any past NBA game, which one would you change?

I’d have the refs call an offensive foul against Michael Jordan for shoving Bryon Russell in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. I’d expect MJ to throw the temper tantrum of all temper tantrums and the city of Chicago to require martial law. If the Jazz then pull out Game 7, Jordan doesn’t retire out of vengeful spite and is investigated for the murder of Karl Malone, the Chicago dynasty lasts a year or two more, Michael Jordan freezes out Kobe Bryant during the All-Star Game for being the brash and obnoxious prick who thinks he can usurp the Jordan throne, Kobe’s confidence is destroyed and no longer deserves a fireplace poker to the eye, Shaq becomes disgruntled and requests a trade from Los Angeles since there’s no talent around him, everyone realizes Phil Jackson only won because he had THE BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME, Allen Iverson wins an NBA title with the Sixers, Jason Kidd wins an NBA title with the Nets, Reggie Miller wins an NBA title with the Pacers, pundits unnecessarily vault Iverson, Kidd and Miller 40 spots forward in the best player of all time rankings, Dwyane Wade never becomes Dwyane Wade without Shaq, LeBron doesn’t sign with Miami and stays with Cleveland, LeBron continues dunking on helpless children, Dan Gilbert doesn’t act like a four-year-old child whining for ice cream WITH SPRINKLES, the lockout never happens because the NBA is not worried about the talent actually dictating anything and Mark Cuban buys seven more sports franchises in an unsuccessful attempt to win a championship. But David Kahn is still David Kahn. See!?!?! This would most obviously send shockwaves through NBA history.

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