In The Place To Be: Live From NBA All-Star Saturday Night

By: 02.25.12
Kevin Love

Kevin Love (photo. Blake Peterson)

9:36 ET: While these guys warm up for the Three-Point Contest, I’ll continue my rant about the pre-game. After waiting in line to use the elevator for about 10 minutes, Ne-Yo and his entourage come storming through, asking everyone to move out of the way. Ne-Yo’s got some weird glasses on with writing on the lenses. Well, there was one huge cat standing behind me. He was broad-shouldered and was probably 6-5. As they’re coming through, he moves away and says “I don’t want no problems.” Um, this IS Ne-Yo we’re talking about. Not exactly Ghostface Killah.

9:43 ET: Anthony Morrow scored only 14 in the first round of the three-point shootout, which basically means he’s done after Chalmers and Love both had 18. Either way, Morrow is winning with the Dražen Petrović jersey he’s wearing.

9:47 ET: We guarantee we know one guy who didn’t want to see Craig Hodges shoot a round: Michael Jordan

9:53 ET: It’s worth mentioning: This Three-Point Contest has been awesome. No one’s looking foolish. James Jones even showed a little emotion.

9:56 ET: During a break, they have a mascot spinning the “hottest records” of the year. They just played LMFAO‘s “I’m Sexy And I Know It” and a bunch of other mascots came out to shake their booties. Get me out of here. Then, Benny The Bull did the Will Ferrell in “Old School” gymnastics act, dancing to Adele.

10:01 ET: Remember how I complained about the ridiculously loud rim mics last night? Now that we’re in the shootout, it’s turned into a good thing. And no swishes sound like Kevin Durant swishes. They should just have him shoot the rounds for everyone else.

10:06 ET: By the way, who caught the outfits Wade (we already told you about his glasses) and LeBron James? As Holly MacKenzie tweeted, “I think that LeBron and Dwyane both think they are Kanye.” Perfect execution.

10:07 ET: And the white Kevin beats the black Kevin in the Three-Point Shootout finals, 17-14. So you really don’t need hipster glasses to shoot it well from deep.

10:14 ET: Flo Rida came out to perform one of our favorite “Get to the club and get twisted” songs: “I Got A Feeling” (I’m assuming it’s called that. I never bothered to look up the real title.). They’re playing it so loud to hopefully convince Flo Rida that more than 10 percent of the crowd actually cares.

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