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Devin Hester’s Jordan Collection Is Crazy

By 03.27.12
Devin Hester

Devin Hester's Jordans (photo. Devin Hester)

I know there are a lot of amateur collectors out there who get pissed when we show athlete’s collections. Why? With all the money and connections they have, it should be easy to build up ridiculous collections right? But Devin Hester of the NFL is a little different. Apparently, he claims every single Jordan he owns has been worn. That’s amazing, considering all of the people I know who refuse to do that, and keep certain sneakers on ice for years.

Hester, who rocks No. 23 on the football field, has everything from ‘Melos to Team Jordan to retros. I can’t hate, and these pictures are close to giving me the courage to get rid of all my boxes. I’m not sure how everyone else feels, but to me, I think I’ll wear my sneakers more often when they’re just thrown around like this. Easier access. Either way, Hester’s Jordan collection is pretty damn good.

H/T to Modern Notoriety

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