The Bulls Annihilate An East Contender; Gilbert Arenas Finally Finds A Team

By: 03.20.12
Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas (photo. Mannion)

Gilbert Arenas is back in the NBA. Not quite. It’s not official. But reports are indicating the former All-Star looked trim and shot lights out in a workout with the Grizzlies yesterday, and the two sides are prepare to marry for the rest of the season. Memphis desperately needs a backup point guard, and Arenas desperately needs a team. It’s still somewhat jarring. They don’t have a backup at the one because the dudes currently doing it (Jeremy Pargo, Josh Selby) all have an obsession with seeing themselves shoot. No one was ever mistaking Arenas for John Stockton. We do know one thing: Memphis was already one of the League Pass MVPs, and they just jumped up a few more notches … Kyrie Irving (26 points) needs a nickname. He came through yet again late in Cleveland’s 105-100 win in New Jersey, hitting a crazy floater off the glance. Between Irving and Tristan Thompson (27 points, 12 rebounds), Cleveland must feel like they hit the jackpot a second time in the draft … Deron Williams (28 points) was fired up, going at refs, taking a lot of shots (23) and pulling out his patented crossover, using it at one point to take Boobie Gibson‘s manhood. Too bad he missed a wide open layup in the final seconds that killed any chance of a New Jersey win … In his first game with his new team, Gerald Wallace (27 points, 12 rebounds) calmed the fears many have over whether he had fallen off … Alonzo Gee can’t go 48 minutes without putting down at least one replay-worthy dunk. It’s an impossibility … We’ll give a shout out to Charlotte for completely folding once Philly hit them with a run in the second half of the Sixers 105-80 win. Embarrassing how ugly it got towards the end of the game. Lou Williams dropped 19 in less than 23 minutes … And here’s your last chance to get a shot at some March Madness goodie giveaways. Go here and tell us how you get away with watching hour…after hour…after hour of the NCAA Tournament … We’re out like Lacob’s thick skin.

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