Come Flail Away: The NBA’s Top 20 Worst Flops

By: 04.16.12

LeBron James on Derrick Rose: If the ball was part of your body, then yes, this is a foul.

Lebron James on Brendan Haywood: The video quality is suspect, but the King’s acting is superb in this year’s season opener on Christmas. We waited three months longer than usual for the NBA, and this was LeBron’s gift to us.

Chris Paul on Brandon Bass: There’s a nice clip online from 2010 of Paul dancing to make fun of Antawn Jamison‘s acting on a screen, but it appears he’s become a fan, as well.

James Harden on Dwyane Wade: The silver lining here was that the ref wasn’t fooled into calling this offensive.

Hedo Turkoglu on Iman Shumpert vs. Carmelo Anthony on Jason Richardson: Using the same tactic in the same game, Melo and Hedo both got calls for these. I like Richardson’s body language after his foul, like, you think I hit him?

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