Derrick Rose Is Done; Kevin Durant Shuts It Down In OKC

By: 04.29.12
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Michael Starghill)

Kevin Durant said he had been struggling all night with his shot. But with the game on the line and OKC down one, he had to come through. He went to his left, and hit a fading, floating, pull-up shot from about 17 feet away to win it. KD had 25 points on 27 shots but sometimes it’s not the number you hit but the ONES you hit, and the Thunder pulled it out by one against Dallas after KD’s enormous jumper … The Thunder had been down seven with two and a half minutes left, and it took a miracle for them to pull it out. On one hand, you can say they won a game they shouldn’t have, and a game that would’ve eluded them last year. On the other, you can say the Mavs might have their number in the playoffs … So how good are the Thunder? It’ll probably come down to their supporting cast. Check out their box score: besides Durant, Harden, Westbrook and Ibaka, the rest of the team combined to score five points. Serge Ibaka was unreal all night, with 22 points on a dozen shots, and one of his blocks in the closing moments helped steer OKC towards a comeback … On the other side, Jason Terry was an absolute monster in the half-court, just destroying OKC through three quarters with 20 points. The problem was he didn’t register a single point when it really mattered. The JET is known as someone who always comes through late. Last night, he was a ghost in the fourth quarter … The Bulls aren’t the only team losing a player to a knee injury. The Knicks did too. Iman Shumpert left with an ACL tear in his left knee, and honestly we got the feeling like a lot of Knick fans felt worse about that than they did losing in South Beach, 100-67. Can you blame them? LeBron scored 32 in 32 minutes, completely dominating Carmelo Anthony in the “best matchup of the first round.” James was phenomenal, but the 32-2 run he helped spearhead was unlike anything we’ve seen all year … No one on New York played well, but Tyson Chandler was so bad he set a record. Chandler registered the first scoreless seven turnover playoff outing in the last 25 years … As for the offenses, at one point, the Knicks had 47 points on 63 possessions while the Heat had 81 on 65 touches … We’re out like Rose.

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