Just Like ‘Melo: The NBA’s Top 10 Clutch Threes of This Season

By: 04.09.12

6. Vince Carter‘s shot with 1.4 seconds left put Dallas ahead 102-101 on Dec. 29, but it’s the only three this late that didn’t win it for a team. Don’t watch the end of this video if you don’t want to be spoiled, but we think you know how it ends, anyway.

5. Mr. Big Shot Chauncey Billups did it again on Jan. 18, drilling a three to go up with a second left in the Clippers’ win. What killed Dallas is not covering the inbounder after the pass to Blake Griffin. In front of Jason Terry — who has hit three shots himself in the final two minutes to tie or lead this season – Billups splashes the winner. The Clippers miss Billups’ vet presence after his Achilles’ injury and shots like these.

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