Just Like ‘Melo: The NBA’s Top 10 Clutch Threes of This Season

By: 04.09.12

4. This shot co-opted a Valentine’s Day into Va-LIN-tine’s Day. Tied at 87, Jeremy Lin had his signature shot during his insane run for the Knicks, beating Toronto with 0.9 left. He said afterward that he’d asked then-coach Mike D’Antoni to let him go iso on Jose Calderon as the play began. With Toronto’s home court sounding like Madison Square Garden North, Lin calmly walked Calderon to where he wanted before delivering. Cold-blooded.

3. Did the Clippers think Kevin Love couldn’t shoot the three or something? They left the T-Wolf wide open on Jan. 20 at the top of the key for a back-breaking, game-winning three with 0.9 left. The relative of a Beach Boy member must have had good vibrations to go for a three with the game tied, and maybe the Clips expected him to get closer on his attempt.

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