Just Like ‘Melo: The NBA’s Top 10 Clutch Threes of This Season

By: 04.09.12

2. Do you remember this one? We wouldn’t have without the help of Basketball Reference, but indeed Jordan Farmar followed Love’s lead and broke the Clippers with 0.2 left on the clock on March 7. Even better than Farmar’s shot is the dime by Deron Williams. After shaking his defender on the inbounds, he leaves Chris Paul diving in a passing lane in vain stop his bullet to Farmar. Even Farmar looks to say, “How did you get me that?” afterward.

1. You knew KD’s spot at No. 1 was reserved after dropping a stunner on Dallas on Dec. 29 from 28 feet. It put the Thunder up 104-102 at the bell and kicked off what’s been a special season for OKC. It also brings up this question that’s haunted defensive coaches all year: Where exactly does Durant’s shooting range end?

What was the hardest shot on this list to make?

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