The NBA’s Top 10 Best Clutch Shooters This Season

By: 04.09.12

8. Al Jefferson, Utah: The man known in Utah as Big Al is 16-of-36 on his clutch attempts for a .444 eFG%. His most recent make was a game-winner in the last second against Sacramento on March 22, but he also tied Minnesota with a 16-foot jumper with seven seconds left back on Feb. 22.

7. Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers: CP3 has an eFG of .447 this season, including two to take the lead in the final 4 seconds. He’s 20-of-47 in these constraints, which means he has Vinny Del Negro‘s full confidence to win it; only Kobe Bryant (20-of-57, .404 eFG) has more attempts in this time span.
Here’s Paul’s J to take a lead over Philly back on Feb. 10.

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