The NBA’s Top 20 Dunkers

By: 04.20.12

Enjoy the next couple of years while you can, because we wouldn’t be surprised if D-Wade’s time as a regular on the dunk highlight reels is running out. It’s not that he doesn’t have the hops, the quickness to get into the lane, or the aggressiveness to make poster children out of the big men who take a crack at blocking his shot. It’s just that as he gets into his 30s, Wade will do what every great scoring guard from Jordan to Kobe eventually does (or at least should do) and alter his game for longevity. Don’t worry, Wade will still get his 20-25 points a night, and his knack for circus shots won’t leave him. But guys like Emeka Okafor and Anderson Varejao can rest a little easier knowing that layups don’t always end up on YouTube.

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