The NBA’s Top 20 Dunkers

By: 04.20.12

If we had known the results of the NBA’s 2011 dunk contest would have turned DeRozan off of the event for good, we’d be willing to go back and take the title away from Blake Griffin. In a contest full of props (remember Serge Ibaka‘s stuffed animal?) and gimmickry (a church choir?), DeRozan lost out on a spot in the finals simply because he, well, went simple. His standout dunk was a rock-the-cradle backwards cuff that he caught off the bounce, which earned a perfect 50 on the scoreboard but wasn’t enough for DeRozan to advance. Afterwards, the Raptors’ two-guard said he was done with NBA dunk contests if that’s how it was going to be.

That’s too bad, because DeRozan remains one of the league’s highest leapers and elite finishers, and we know from his high school and pro contest efforts that he is creative even without Carrot Top’s big box of toys.

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