The Top 10 NBA MVP Candidates

By: 04.25.12

3. Chris Paul – Last week: 21.2ppg/10.2apg/3.5spg Stock: maintaining
In his first season as a Clipper, Chris Paul had his team contending for a Pacific division championship. That speaks volumes about his value alone. The Clippers have only lost 3 games this month, including a close loss to Phoenix on Thursday. Chris Paul has had 4 double-double’s in his last 5 games and has closed out some really close ones. The fact that Chris Paul has turned the Clippers into a sure-fire playoff team in just one season is impressive enough to be in the conversation. If the Clippers finish as the division leaders, there’s no reason he shouldn’t finish 3rd in voting.

Last week: 3

2. Kevin Durant – Last week: 29.2ppg/9.5rpg/4.2apg Stock: maintaining
After Kevin Durant gave up the lead in the race to the MVP against LeBron James in their final head to head matchup, he hasn’t been able to get it back. At first, it seemed as if KD wanted this award more than anybody. He’s overdue for his first MVP and this season was supposed to be his year to win it, while LeBron was supposed to be more focused on winning a championship. The Thunder have lost their last 6 games against playoff teams since their win against Chicago on the 1st of April.

Last week: 2

1. LeBron James – Last week: 31.0ppg/7.5rpg/5.5apg Stock: maintaining
It’s looking like LeBron James will win his 3rd MVP trophy this season. After Durant admitted LeBron deserves the award over him, there’s really nothing that can stop him from winning it at this point. He’s leading his team in points (27.1), rebounds (7.90) and assists (6.2) in one of, if not his most efficient season. Most importantly, in 10 games without Wade, LeBron lead Miami to a 9-1 record. After Durant admitted LeBron deserves the award over him, the race was pretty much over. 3 MVP’s in 9 seasons is remarkable, but LeBron needs that Finals MVP to validate it all. In this last week going into the playoffs, LeBron’s minutes will likely be monitored as the Heat are sitting tight with the 2nd seed.

Last week: 1

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