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Dime Q&A: Gordon Hayward & Brandon Jennings On Creating Yourself In A Video Game, Hoops And More

By 05.23.12
Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward (photo.Katrin Auch).

Dime: Did you guys ever create yourself in those games? Ever make yourself a different player than you were?
BJ: I was always the fastest, always made myself 6-5, 6-6 and just dominating everything.
GH: I think when I was younger I created myself, I think we all did.

Dime: Does hoops make you better at video games? Can you take anything from the one to the other?
GH: One thing is similar is it’s a lot mental. I don’t think people think that basketball is that mental but it is. And you need to know what your opponent is going to do. That happens a lot in video games. You need to know what they’re going to do and what they’re going to be. Video games make me mad sometimes.
Dime: Does hoops help you in video games when you’re down, knowing you can rally? I suppose you’re not down that often, though.
GH: I can get down just as easily. It’s just fun and a way to relax.

Dime: Brandon, was playing online a way to catch up with your friends when you were playing in Italy?
BJ: I had my little brother over there so we would play a lot. The whole time we’d be over there he would be playing. He fell in love with soccer, there was a lot of soccer in the house going on.

Dime: OK, what’s the ideal playlist to play a game like Call of Duty to? Or is trash talk the soundtrack?
GH: I just think that the trash talk is what I listen to. Music could be too distracting.
BJ: I think more the trash talk for me, if anything.

Dime: What are your offseason plans, Gordon? Back in Indiana?
GH: Right now I’m back home in Indiana. I started working out again. There’s a lot of guys in Indianapolis and I usually work out again them. We have a good thing. I’ll do a little of that and go traveling and go to different places.

Dime: What can you say about the Spurs having played against them?
GH: All I can tell you is they’re a pretty good team. They have that experience and they’re playing well.

Dime: Brandon, are you back in LA for good this offseason?
BJ: Actually I’m staying in LA. I just got back from China yesterday, so my hours are all kinda off.

Dime: So staying up to play video games till 5 a.m. probably was no big deal, huh?
BJ: Exactly.

Would you take on either guy in Modern Warfare?

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