Dime Q&A: Stars Of The Red Bull Midnight Run In Washington, D.C.

By: 05.31.12
Red Bull Midnight Run

Red Bull Midnight Run (photo. @jose3030)

Dime: How did you first learn about this? Did they reach out to you?
Ryan Braxton: Yeah because I played in Red Bull King of the Rock last year and almost won it, but I lost to Mike Anderson right before the championship game. They called me this year and I decided to come out because I always have a good time. They always look out, always give us uniforms. Tonight they gave us sneakers, so I had a good time. It was fine.

Dime: What did you think of the gear?
RB: I love the gear. These shorts felt wonderful! And the sneakers feel all right. I got the white ones.

Dime: Did you come up here with anyone you know? Some guys came with their full five-man lineups.
RB: We came with our five. I had a couple of big guys on my team. They were from overseas.

Dime: How do you think that helps you in something like this to play with guys that you know?
RB: It always helps to play with people you know, and play with people you’ve been playing with outside of playing with people you don’t know or don’t know what they’re going to do.

Dime: How would you describe your game?
RB: I would describe my game as a pure scorer, a versatile guard. I can run the point or I can run the scoring guard as well.

Dime: I was with John Wall for a while and he was shouting you out. He liked your game. What’s that like to know an NBA player came through to watch you and liked what he saw?
RB: That’s a good feeling knowing that I’ve been working hard on my game. For someone like John Wall to commend me on my game, that’s big.

Dime: Are you playing anywhere right now?
RB: I play everywhere man. I travel with White Chocolate – I don’t know if you know him. I travel with him and play a couple of games. I just play everywhere. Any gym around the area I’m playing in. Any league I’m playing in.

Dime: Where are you from?
RB: I’m from Virginia Beach so I knew Ralph (Hegamin Jr.), Kelly Beidler, everybody.

Dime: As far as the talent here, were they any guys that stuck out to you that you didn’t know could play?
RB: I’ve played with most of these guys because I come up to D.C. and play all the time. Baby Shaq, I play with him all the time. The guys that were shooting the ball… they kinda surprised me. The guys that were knocking down them three balls, they really surprised me.

Dime: The Goodman Team?
RB: I think so. Yeah.

Dime: As far as the second round where they bring it down to 35 players, today if you had to grade yourself, how good a chance do you think you have of making it?
RB: I think I got a pretty good chance. But it depends. I didn’t try to go score too many buckets. I just tried to stay in the flow of the game and help my team win. I really didn’t try to score a million points. I just wanted to win today, but as far as the competition, I think I should be in the top 35. But if not, I must not have done enough (laughs).

Dime: As far as D.C., you say you play a lot there. What are your favorite spots to play at?
RB: I’ve never played at Goodman so I gotta get up there. I don’t know. I’ve played at a lot of high schools with White Chocolate so I don’t know the area too well. I haven’t played in too many parks up here.

Dime: What was this environment like? Was this what you expected?
RB: It was like half the people were good and half the people were okay, so it was good competition. I definitely had a good time. I’ll definitely do it again.

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