OKC Tells The Lakers To Go Home; Brandon Bass Pulls Off The Unexpected

By: 05.22.12
Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

On a night where Boston fans were feeling nostalgic – they really started chanting Scal-a-brine! in the fourth quarter of a playoff game… dude hasn’t played for them since 2010 – Brandon Bass really took it back. He took it back to high school. Bass outscored the Sixers by himself in the third quarter, 18 to 16, and finished with an out-of-nowhere 27 points. Because of that, the Celtics moved to within one game of the conference finals, 101-85. Then there was Rajon Rondo. The game was finally put away in the fourth quarter when Rondo reasserted himself for the first time since the first quarter, and completely dominated Jrue Holiday, Doug Collins, Will Smith, and anyone else the city of Philly could’ve thrown out there. The Celtic point guard (13 points, 14 assists) also orchestrated a 14-2 Boston run in the middle of the third quarter. It was capped off by two massive Bass dunks, two straight Philly turnovers and then a fast-break layup from Jesus. Over on the bench, it seemed like everyone was following Marquis Daniels‘ lead and flexin’ at will. We’re not 100 percent positive on this, but we think it might’ve just been Philly’s third quarter gameplan to give Bass wide open dunks. Because seriously, he was getting them for 12 straight minutes. The only thing that would’ve made the explosion better would’ve been if Bass had started slobbering all over himself in a tribute to Big Baby‘s miraculous Game 4 in the 2010 Finals. By the end of the madness, after Paul Pierce hit the same pull-up jumper he’s hit 5,089 times in his career, Boston had a nine-point lead going into the fourth quarter … The last time these two teams played a Game 5 in Boston with the series knotted at 2-2 was 10 years ago. A few things that were similar: the Sixers had ugly uniforms and played ugly basketball, the Boston Garden was probably 20/80 in terms of sober to drunk, Boston won, and Paul Pierce played exactly the same. And a few things that were different: Allen Iverson actually mattered and Elton Brand wasn’t almost completely washed up. Speaking of Brand, he played out of his god damn mind last night, hitting all types of jumpers. It was as if he took a trip to Germany to see Kobe’s doctor during those two days off between Games 4 and 5. At one point, he even pulled out a killer crossover. By the fourth quarter, we were asking him to save some of those points since we know he only has so many. He had 19 last night; over the rest of the series, he has 17 … We’re out like the Lakers.

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