Philly Wins One Of The Ugliest Playoff Games Ever; Shaquille O’Neal Could Become A GM

By: 05.23.12
Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

Allen Iverson showed up in Philly last night, and came out to a rounding ovation in a Lou Williams jersey. It certainly fired the crowd up. In Game 7, Boston could bring out Scalabrine to have the same effect, or better yet, trot out half of the Hall of Fame. During the game, ESPN caught up with Iverson and asked him about playing again in the NBA. He doesn’t even want to speak the word “retirement” and also said, “I wanna play basketball so bad.” After that interview, both “Allen Iverson” and even more incredibly, “Bubba Chuck” were trending worldwide. That goes to show you how obsessed people still are with Mr. Practice, as well as the NBA’s forward thinking. No league takes better advantage of social media … Iverson might also be the first person to ever dress exactly the same from the time he was 16 until he was 36. He deserves some type of award for that, doesn’t he? … Udonis Haslem, courtesy of trying to shave the skin off Tyler Hansbrough‘s face, has been suspended for one game and will miss Game 6 tomorrow night. That was warranted. We can’t complain when he nearly decapitated Psycho T. Seriously, Gerald Henderson would’ve been proud of that foul. Then Dexter Pittman was suspended for three games because of the deliberate cheap shot he gave to Lance Stephenson. The NBA could’ve suspended him for 20 games for that, and no one would’ve even noticed. Haslem at least plays a role in Miami, and with him out for the next game, along with Larry Legend calling his team out for being pussies and David West believing he took a cheap shot in Game 5, we’re just waiting for West to pull a P.J. Brown on one of Miami’s guards … And this is not a joke – we almost wish it was, the Orlando fans have suffered enough – but ESPN reported last night that Shaquille O’Neal will interview with the Magic brass for their vacant GM position. There are some positives. The “Shaq as an analyst” experiment could be over, and save us from hearing “1-2 punch” for the 1,456th time. But for the Magic, there could be some problems if they ever hired O’Neal. Would Shaq get rid of any center who wasn’t averaging 28 and 15 (his definition of a solid big man)? … We’re out like Shaq the GM.

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