The 10 Best LeBron James/Dwyane Wade Alley-Oops

By: 05.14.12

8. FEB. 10, 2012 AT WASHINGTON
These two passes, particularly the second one from Wade are simply ridiculous. Only a team like the Wizards would let something like this happen to them; It almost feels like LeBron and D-Wade aren’t even trying. And in a sense, they didn’t need to. The Wizards were demolished by 17 in this one.

7. JAN. 29, 2012 VS. CHICAGO
This was probably the easiest pass on the list, but because John Lucas III turned into a simple human prop this year on multiple dunks, this alley-oop goes from being ho-hum to HOLY SH#%&! The worst part about this play? Just 20 seconds before, the two Heat stars had connected on another alley-oop.

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