The 10 Best Press Conferences In Sports History

By: 05.07.12

4. Shaq ended his career the way only the Big Aristotle, etc., could. Turning his last official meeting as a player into a spectacle, O’Neal answered a fake call from James Dolan to apply for the Knicks’ GM job, showed off his math acumen for adding up all the points and boards he could have had, and generally went out with a bang.

3. Usually when the media member eggs an athlete on with a leading statement, the athlete stops the question in its tracks. But when Miami’s emcees told LeBron in the Big Three’s de facto first press conference, he kept it going. Not five…not six…not seven…

2. Jim Mora/Dennis Green/Herm Edwards are a triumvirate of the three best NFL press conferences. With apologies to Rex Ryan‘s incredible ability to talk in front of microphones, The Colts/Cardinals/Jets coaches all have to be taken together as the best of the NFL in that they’re each so bizarre. At least with Ryan you can grasp a narrative to his press conferences. From “playoffs?” to winning the game, to knowing who they thought they were, these three are incredible.

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