The Knicks Set A Bad NBA Record; Dallas Is Too Old, Can’t Stop OKC

By: 05.04.12
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant (photo. Jared McMillen)

It was fun while it lasted, Dallas. But your championship defense is all but finished after getting thoroughly smacked by the Thunder last night, 95-79. Kevin Durant (31 points on 15 shots) and Russell Westbrook (20 points) were the two best players on the court as no one from the Mavs played well at all. To start things off, Dallas did what you would expect a No. 7 seed to do: give the struggling Kevin Durant three consecutive wide open shots (15 points in the game’s first 10 minutes). The NBA’s leading scorer made them all, and then just to add on, got to make a technical free throw just a few possessions later. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you go from a championship to out in the first round. You do things like give a guy who couldn’t make anything through two games three shots that you and us could hit to start the night … OKC went up 25-11 to start as Rick Carlisle was even getting T’ed up to try to stop the OKC onslaught. Dallas’ shooting in the first half was so up and down we felt like we were looking at a slideshow of Kirstie Alley‘s dieting career. They made five straight shots at the end of the first quarter to eat away at OKC’s big lead, and then started the second quarter by missing their first eight shots to watch the lead blow up again. But the third quarter was where the season really ended for Dallas. They went 4-for-18, let OKC score the last seven points of the period, and just looked plain old as the visitors went up 75-57. From there, Derek Fisher (10 points) helped spearhead a 15-1 run to really make it ugly, his old legs suddenly feeling a lil’ lively being around so many young cats … Really, the only thing you needed to know about this game was Dirk‘s statline. Not only did he miss three of his eight free throws, but he was just 6-for-15 from the floor for a silent 17 points … Charles Barkley at halftime about the Mavs: “You can’t replace the DPOTY… and DeShawn Stevenson.” Ummmm … And it was reported last night that James Harden and Anthony Davis will both be added to the Olympic preliminary roster this summer … We’re out like Mariano Rivera.

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