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Who’s Better: The 2012 Spurs Or The 2001 Lakers?

By 05.31.12

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Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal (photo. Chenoa Maxwell)

No disrespect to the 2012 San Antonio Spurs. They are arguably the best team, since, the 2001 Los Angeles Lakers…

Time is the ultimate show of disrespect at times. Everybody is quick to clamor about the new team dominating the NBA, but those Lakers brought a whole new meaning to the word dominate. In 2001 they breezed through the Western Conference elite by an average margin of 15.45 points per game. Each team they faced won at least 50 games during the regular season. Against the seventh-seeded Portland Trailblazers in round one it was like a warm-up in the three-game swwep. In the conference semifinals they battled the three-seeded rival Sacramento Kings.

In the Western Conference Finals against the top seed San Antonio Spurs they ran their streak to 11-0, winning every game by an incredible 22.3-point margin of victory — and winning the final two games of the series by 39 and 29 points.

How can you compare with that?

That Lakers team was the Blueprint, they were KRS-One while the Spurs became the Jay-Z, the next dynasty. Their design of having multiple stars in Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant surrounded by perfect role players coached by a legend was nearly flawless. Derek Fisher, Rick Fox, Horace Grant, Brian Shaw, Slava Medvedenko, Devean George and Robert Horry played key roles for the team as they marched through the competition getting better each round, stronger as the opponents presumably got tougher.

What allowed the role players to play significant roles was the nearly flawless play of Shaq and Kobe. The duo was on another level. Bryant was unguardable on the perimeter scoring and distributing at the best rate in his career. Shaq was equally as great putting up the best numbers of his post season career. Bottom line: The two combined for 59.8 points, 22.7 boards and 9.3 dimes per game throughout the 16-game run.

Those two could win games on their own better than elite duos like Jordan-Pippen at their best, better than Isiah-Dumars, and even better than the dynasty that was Magic-Kareem in the 80s.

On the Lakers’ way to a historic run, they had one minor moment of imperfectness. On the shoulders of Allen Iverson‘s 48 points and the Hack-a-Shaq strategy (10-22 free-throws), the 76ers had enough to knock the Lakers down for one, albiet brief, moment.

Sure the Spurs are 10-0 this post season, but they are two games from the Finals still and have to win five out of six just to be in the conversation with the 2001 Lakers. Thanks for coming.

1st round: Winning Margins – (14.6 average) Portland Trailblazers, 50-32.
2nd round: Winning Margins – (9.25 average) Sacramento Kings, 55-27.
Winning Margins – (22.25 average) San Antonio Spurs, 58-24.
Winning Margins – (6.8 average) Philadelphia 76ers, 56-26.

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