Dime NBA Draft Profile: Jared Sullinger

By: 06.26.12

NBA Readiness
Sullinger is a player that could contribute next year, if in fact these injuries are not serious. He could be a rotation player, earning minutes by rebounding and working hard, which he’s shown he can do in college.

There’s going to be a learning curve though. He needs to improve his defense. Teams will make him come out and defend. He needs to expand his defense away from the basket.

Sullinger is a mature player. He isn’t one of these prospects who are labeled with “potential” tags and will take several years to develop. Sullinger already has skills that can get him minutes in the NBA next season.
Grade: 8

Unless the name is Anthony Davis, not many people in this year’s draft are considered franchise-changing players. However, this is a deep draft and teams can pick up valuable parts.
Sullinger is a guy who probably won’t star, but in the right system could play for years and become a solid role player.

The 20-year-old is a team player through and through. He turned down what was likely a top 10 selection last summer to return to Ohio State in hopes of winning a national title. It’s already been mentioned that he has a high basketball I.Q. and a knack for the ball on the glass. He is a passionate player on the floor, and he’s been part of two good Buckeye teams in college, so he has experience being a member of talented and successful groups.
Grade: 9

Combined Score: 39 out of 50 possible points

Best Fit: Dallas Mavericks
Let’s face it, being red-flagged this close to the draft is going to be really tough to overcome; it will probably have Sullinger slip out of the lottery. This could be a blessing in disguise with the Mavericks holding the No. 17 pick overall.

Dallas is in search of more frontline players after Lamar Odom underperformed, and with Brian Cardinal, Ian Mahinmi and Yi Jianlian are all unrestricted free agents.

They could be in the midst of a big offseason, looking for a chance to squeeze out another title run with Dirk Nowitzki. Sullinger could be a steal and provide quality minutes as a role player for a playoff team.


Where would you take Sullinger in the draft with his injury issues?

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