Everyone Believes In LeBron James Again; Doc Tells His Celtics To Pack For A Week

By: 06.09.12
Nike Basketball Innovation: Kevin Durant

Nike Basketball Innovation: Kevin Durant (photo. Nike)

Oklahoma hasn’t been this excited for a sporting event since the last time it beat Texas in something. The NBA Finals berth has even made George Shinn, an owner whose name Charlotte treats like Lord Voldemort, write an open letter to OKC to thank the “wonderful people” for his Hornets’ two-year stay. I bet old Hornets fans from the Mourning and Mashburn days wish they could get a letter like that. … One more thing from OKC: Did Kevin Durant celebrate too soon when he hugged his family with 14.6 seconds left? Scott Brooks basically said, look, I was too busy celebrating/coach to notice. … Manny Pacquiao is keeping millions of Pay-Per-View customers waiting a little longer to watch his Saturday fight in Vegas. Why? He loves him some Celtics. That’s awesome. Doc Rivers didn’t sound too surprised. Wish we could have gotten a quote from Doc about this note he left on the white board but we think it’s pretty obvious. … An Orlando Sentinel columnist ran into Stan Van Gundy at a hardware store this weekend looking for a chainsaw. What NBA coach would you figure to be at a store you frequent? I’m seeing Frank Vogel at a Hardee’s, maybe Mike Brown at the unemployment office. Just kidding. We think. … We’re out like I’ll Have Another.

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