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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook Destroy Miami In Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

By 06.13.12
Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Jonathan Mannion)

Almost immediately in the second half, you could tell the momentum had shifted. Everything was going OKC’s way. Even when Thabo Sefolosha tried to put down the “Drexler Glide” and came up about three feet short, the zebras gave him the foul call. But Miami was able to hold the fort for most of the third because LeBron was simply the best player on the floor, and while his jumper was again suspect, he was making the shots when they counted: two moves in the lane to push the lead back to seven, a triple after OKC had cut back into it, and then a one-on-one blow-by against Durant, finishing with a one-handed monster mash at the rim … At the end of the quarter, Westbrook – who had 11 of the team’s 27 in the quarter – had a dynamic three-point play to give OKC their first lead of the game heading into the fourth … Seriously though, what’s up with Wade? If you just looked at his numbers (19 points, eight assists), you might not have noticed. He wasn’t getting to the cup, looked awkward on the jumper and was dead on his feet throughout the game. Two minutes into the second half, he looked like he needed a break already, almost like he was carrying dead weight in his legs. This is a guy who has always played crazy minutes and has always been one of the game’s most athletic players. Last night, he was Earthbound. In the first half, they showed an interview with Wade where he finally admitted that, yes, Miami is LeBron’s team, and that No. 6 is the best player in the world. We’d say the same thing if we were out there looking like a 35-year-old Mitch Richmond. Miami has no chance, none whatsoever, if Wade keeps playing like a wounded soldier. During one stretch in the second half, 18 of 21 made baskets from the Thunder came in the paint while on the other side, Miami was content to let Wade continuously throw up garbage, or pump fake multiple times and then throw the ball to a teammate in a horrible spot without much time on the shot clock … And in other news, Charlie Villanueva was cut by the Dominican Republic national basketball team for being overweight. The team’s coach, John Calipari, said the dude wasn’t in good enough shape to play. Charlie V went to Twitter to prove his innocence, showing that he actually only weighs 243 pounds, less than his normal playing weight. Maybe Coach Cal just doesn’t like UConn cats? … We’re out like Villanueva.

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