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Miami Drives To A Game 3 Win; The Thunder Can’t Find The Answer Down The Stretch

By 06.17.12

Kevin Durant

We sat back and watched OKC with scrutiny like it was in a petri lab dish after Durant picked up his fourth foul halfway through the third. What would they do to keep him away from LeBron, whose attacks were the main cause for a few of them? Do you concede size and layups by putting Thabo on him? Well whatever Brooks told them, Westbrook ran everything through himself in the minutes afterward. The results? Not too spectacular. His stretch: A turnover, missed three, missed layup, charge, subbed-out for Derek Fisher (28 minutes with 9 points). Exhibit A for the prosecution of Russ right there (though we still think he’s innocent). When Durant checked out it was with a seven-point lead. When he returned, it was a four-point Miami lead. … The Heat were trying to give the game right back with seven turnovers on 12 possessions until Wade hit a big runner in the lane. We felt like we were watching Jim Furyk at the Olympic Club with the way it was slipping away. And then, an answer. LBJ caught KD moving on a charge for the bucket and one, KD’s fifth, with 3:47 left. Later he had another incredible spinning layup on a powerful drive on Perkins. You can’t stop what you can’t keep in front of you. … We can’t think of a more contrasting play in this game than the steal by Sefolosha on Wade with under two minutes left in the fourth. Wade casually dribbled up against pressure, lost it once, then lazily crossed over in front of an elite defender in Sefolosha while trying to beat the 8-count. The Swiss Army Knife snagged it, of course, then beat Wade back for a reverse finish over one of the game’s best chase-down artists. All series, especially in Game 1, Wade looked like his mental clock was busted. Too many times we’ve wondered, What is D-Wade doing? This is where the part about switching narratives kicked in in a span of seconds. Down four with seconds left in the fourth, Westbrook cut one way on an OB play, and Sefolosha passed to a different spot for a turnover. How quickly one can go from being the fan favorite to the goat. … A column in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press argues that with a increasing number of people saying how bad they feel about Isiah Thomas‘ 1992 Dream Team snub, USA Basketball should amend the wrong. The idea? Give him an honorary gold medal. The argument built on pillars of sand in our eyes.  Thomas was snubbed because of the walk-off in the East Finals the year before, so “The Dream Team” reckoned, but the “lost” history is that it happened only because MJ called the Pistons bad for basketball days earlier. USA Hoops needed to get the best player in the world on its side to secure a domino effect. While Thomas was a singular point guard, his attitude made him disposable and that’s on him — not USA Basketball. … We’re out like the Thunder’s momentum.

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