Required Hip-Hop For The Top 30 Players In The 2012 NBA Draft

By: 06.15.12

Game – “Hustlin’ (Championship Anthem)”
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is widely known as the intangible guy that brought all the Wildcats together to accomplish their ultimate goal. What he lacks in offensive game, he more than makes up for it through doing everything that’s left off the box score. And while there are a lot of rap joints that talk about hustlin’, this Game version on his Brake Lights mixtape was slept on by most hip-hop heads and depicts Kidd-Gilchrist’s mindset as far as how he plans to leave his imprint on the NBA franchise that selects him. So, it wouldn’t be wise to dismiss Kidd-Gilchrist as limited offensively just yet, especially considering this verse from Game:

How the f@#% you think I got the name Game
Same way the Lakers got all them f@#%ing rings

Public Enemy – “He Got Game”
He can’t escape the comparison. Bradley Beal’s jumper is too pure and automatic that the link with Ray Allen is a mirror reflection. Hell, Spike Lee might as well have the camera crews ready to film a He Got Game sequel. As much as fans love to associate a prospect to a player already in the league, Beal is the safest bet to actually resemble his lofty Jesus Shuttlesworth model. That said, one can easily envision Beal in the same Coney Island playground, shooting the same jumpers as Allen did after the film’s opening montage with this jam playing in the backdrop…

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