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Required Hip-Hop For The Top 30 Players In The 2012 NBA Draft

By 06.15.12

Kid Cudi – “Live and Learn”
The longer a player stays in college, the more likely he’ll get exposed or susceptible to negative criticism. The one-and-done rule has indirectly impacted the way scouts view players that don’t take advantage of this early exit. Harrison Barnes is the biggest victim of this injustice. His intellect, once applauded, now has worked against him. Still, Barnes has had time to reflect since his Tar Heels got ousted by the Jayhawks in the tournament. He should recognize by now what his faults were and how he’ll be a better player as a result of this experience.

J. Cole – “Higher”
Come here, I’m ’bout to take you higher
We about to set this b*#! on fire
Pour a lil’ gas, spark up your lighter
You might not be the one but you the one I desire

This J. Cole initial verse in “Higher” personifies the potential behind drafting Andre Drummond. It’s no secret that big men always rise on draft night. On the surface, he clearly possesses the athleticism and upside that all general managers salivate over in a franchise center. If he played up to expectations at UConn, he would sit on top of everyone’s draft board, not Anthony Davis. The lust for him is real; it’s just a matter of which team has the balls to take a project and develop him to warrant the high selection.

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