The Top 5 Reasons To Attend The NBA Draft

By: 06.28.12

2. Booing David Stern
With all that David Stern has done with marketing his game globally, it’ll just never be enough for the casual fans. I guess I understand why people boo him. A rouge referee and skepticism about a frozen envelope will always mar his time as commissioner. During his reign, we’ve seen superstars totally change the way an official calls the game and the flopping has gotten way out of hand. The NBA as presently constituted is certainly a far cry from the game I grew up watching in the ’90s, but things could be much worse. Just think how hockey fans feel about the inability of the Stanley Cup Finals to be seen on a major sports network. Meanwhile, NBA games are broadcasted nationally at least four nights per week, and that’s just during the regular season. Nonetheless, it has become tradition to greet the commissioner with a chorus of boos each trip up to the podium, and if you’re there live in person, it’s difficult not to succumb to the pressure and join. Thankfully, Stern either has gotten used to the disapproval thrown his way, or just has a great sense of humor and takes everything in stride with a smile on his face (and dollar signs in his eyes).

1. The Atmosphere
The draft has been in New York or New Jersey since 2001, so you would think to expect the usual Madison Square Garden crowd, with the businessmen in suits occupying the closest sections while the true fans cause a ruckus from above. However, as you walk in, you notice a sea of basketball fans with every NBA team represented. Since there is no game action and with all the time between draft picks, it doesn’t take long for the drinks to start flowing and before you know it, people start getting a little restless. Comments are shouted out about every team on the clock but everything is in a friendly, joking manner. It’s not your average NBA crowd, as mostly everyone at the draft knows the NBA well and can carry an intelligent basketball conversation.

Will you be attending the draft tonight?

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