The Top 5 Candidates To Coach Team USA In 2016

By: 07.30.12


There has never been a question D’Antoni’s style of run-and-run basketball is suited best for — and rooted from — international play rather than the NBA. He never quite got it over the hump in Phoenix or New York, but 1) it’s fun and attracts players and 2) he has experience as a Team USA assistant in both the 2006 Worlds and these 2012 Olympics.

His style can fit any level, though it takes the best to run it right. That could be changed, however, if he becomes a college coach in the near future and can break the up-tempo style on the campus level. D’Antoni is reportedly open to the idea of coaching collegiately, something he’s never done before. If that were to happen he’d have collegiate and pro experience mixed in with national team (he played with Italy in 1989, too) tenure. The one thing he would have to add, however, to make Colengelo’s cut, is a defensive-minded assistant.

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