Team USA Wipes Nigeria Off The Map; Miami Doesn’t Need A Veteran Center

By: 08.03.12

When small ball helps win a team a title, what’s the rush to change the formula? Miami must be thinking that because of what Pat Riley said Thursday regarding the team adding a veteran center. As you remember, Chris Bosh, a natural four, was the de facto middleman until his injury against the Pacers in the playoffs. Then Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem chipped in and LeBron played all five positions at times to mitigate the disadvantage. Riley isn’t concerned with not having a veteran voice at that position, saying on Miami radio that the Heat won’t need one. While he said they’ll keep the search going, “unless there’s an injury, we really don’t need a center.” The strategy undoubtly works, but how feasible it is over a full season is squarely the question for coach Erik Spoelstra. Could the Heat pull off that for a whole year? … Get ready to have your mind blown by the concept of these basketball shorts. So long, wiping your hands on your shoes. … There’s always a sliding scale with draft picks and how long it takes to call them a failed experiment. It seems like the jury is in on Wesley Johnson‘s time in Minnesota (guilty as an underachiever) but Phoenix believes in him. He called the fit in Minny wrong for him. The Suns get to see if that dry heat can help resurrect his career. … College hoops around Thanksgiving is one of the best times to watch, in our opinion, with so many tournaments going on and matchups you won’t otherwise see — like Kentucky vs. Kansas last year in MSG. One of the ones to watch this year is the Battle 4 Atlantis in the Bahamas, Nov. 22-24. The field will be Duke, Louisville, Memphis, Minnesota, Missouri, Northern Iowa, Stanford and Virginia Commonwealth. … Finally, Dirk Nowitzki and Germany aren’t playing in London, but the big Mav reminisced Thursday about carrying the flag in for his home country in 2008. After calling it one of the coolest things he’s ever done he said that when he has to drag himself out of bed, he’ll call it quits. Hello DFW-area mattress companies: endorsement opportunity. … We’re out like Nigeria’s dignity.

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