The Top 25 Career NBA Salaries

By: 08.27.12
Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson (photo. Reebok)

20. Allen Iverson – $154,494,445

This seems about appropriate. A.I. has bled for every dollar he’s made, and his lack of a championship ring is about the only thing missing from his career resume.

19. Pau Gasol – $156,574,396

It’s unfortunate when players are overpaid and their relative on-the-court expectations skyrocket. Pau has always been a strong big man, arguably one of the top five in the league, but he’s nowhere near as good as the money he’s made. But that’s no fault of his own.

18. Rasheed Wallace – $156,758,400

Oh, what could have been. Rasheed Wallace had a magnificent career, but doesn’t it feel like he could’ve been even better? Well, at least both teams played hard.

17. Deron Williams – $158,712,708

It feels like he stands to make a lot more money as the face of Mikhail Prokhorov‘s franchise, right?

16. Carmelo Anthony – $161,230,223

‘Melo’s a confusing one. The talent is there, but the championship pedigree just doesn’t seem to be. He’s one of the NBA’s top players, but you pay players for victories, not stats.

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