The Top 25 Career NBA Salaries

By: 08.27.12

15. Elton Brand – $161,378,377

Brand is particularly unfortunate, considering how dominant he was in college and the beginning of his career. But he blew out his knee before blowing out your knee was a 10 month injury (that could even make your knee stronger), so he was never the same. Turns out he was paid for what could have been.

14. Vince Carter – $161,663,315

Vinsanity was great, but that amount of money feels obscene. Just another one of those guys who could have been – which is crazy in his case, because Carter was still a great player.

13. Tracy McGrady – $162,978,278

T-Mac is basically Vince Carter in that could-have-been sense. The money may be excessive, but that jump shot is one of the prettiest ever.

12. Jermaine O’Neal – $165,441,840

Oh, God.

11. Amar’e Stoudemire – $146,736,620

Two years ago, this wouldn’t have felt so ridiculous. Amar’e was an MVP candidate and reviving the Knicks. Then ‘Melo came around and everything fell apart, and Knicks fans are counting down the days until his current $20+ million a year contract expires.

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