The Top 5 NBA Teams Under Pressure To Win Now

By: 08.08.12

2. New York Knicks

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James Dolan hoped to copy Boston’s tri-wizard formula, except the summer of 2010 left New York with a partially broken wand and a bunch of how-to wizarding books. Eventually he swapped these tools for the future for another able-bodied magician, completing two thirds of the plan. But that third piece never found its way into a Knicks’ uniform, instead evolving into Tyson Chandler and Jeremy Lin. That was fine and dandy, and, as J.R. Smith notes, they still look really good to win it all, sans Lin. Eight playoff losses and one playoff victory later, the Knicks are really under the gun now. In 2014-2015, the Knicks have $62 million committed to three players, which puts them over the current cap. We can expect it to rise a bit by then, but you don’t hamstring future cap flexibility if you don’t think you can get rings right now. Even if this type of thinking is hardly logical, the dollars speak loud and clear. The only way to salvage this salary cap disaster is NBA Finals victories. Now they’ve got to just, you know, do it.

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