The Top 5 Times Jerry Stackhouse Beat Down A NBA Player

By: 08.09.12

At the time, Hornacek thought he knew what was bothering Stackhouse.

“I played in Philadelphia a year and a half,” he said at the time. “I know how the frustration mounts.”

Well damn. Yes, Philly was a bad team, really bad actually. This was Stackhouse’s rookie year, and even though he dropped 19.2 points a night to make the All-Rookie First Team, the Sixers went 18-64 (remember, this was before Iverson got there).

But on this night, he wasn’t frustrated about being a NBA laughingstock. He was only sick of Hornacek, who was using all of the veteran tricks. Pushing. Holding. Poking. Hornacek said Stackhouse hit him with a cheap elbow earlier in the night. Stack countered that Hornacek elbowed him across the face on a hard foul. After that, it was on.

The penalties? Stackhouse was suspended for two games (that would cost him over $64,000) and fined $7,500. Hornacek only received a fine of $1,000… and of course, a couple of right hand haymakers to the temple.

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