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Don Nelson Talks About Fight With Chris Webber; Golden State Has The Next Reggie Miller

By 09.06.12

Klay Thompson

Golden State’s Mark Jackson has really been off his rocker this week. First, there was the crazy comment about Reggie Miller being potentially the third-best shooting guard of all time, despite his credentials suggesting he’s perhaps barely a top-10 player at his position. Now, he’s comparing Reggie with Klay Thompson. Normally, we hate when people compare how someone plays – their on-court style – and then someone turns it around and tries to say it’s a Player A vs. Player B comparison. But Jackson took it to the next level in a conversation with Chris Broussard. First, he said they have some similarities, which is fine. It’s true. Thompson is a fabulous shooter. As a rookie, he shot over 41 percent from deep. However, then Jackson said they were two of the all-time great shooters, and added, “Even now, Klay is in that class. Like Reggie, he has that gift. They have similar bodies and both guys are strong.” We need to see a lil’ more from Thompson first. We can still remember making jokes about Thompson’s jumper at the start of last season (he couldn’t make anything), and taking office bets on who would make a midrange J first: Thompson or DeAndre Jordan2K Sports dropped another piece of news yesterday for NBA 2K13. You can now appease even the deepest sections of your ego by choosing your very own pre-game rituals in the MyPlayer mode. Is it a cool effect? Yeah it should be. But unless you are actually Chad Johnson, watching yourself go through the same routine 82 times a year will get pretty old. 2K dropped a screenshot of a dude doing a handstand, which is probably the most random pre-game ritual we’ve seen since Les Miles started eating grass (Cue up the gamers screaming about how 2K needs to concentrate on gameplay and that if they don’t, I’M SWITCHING BACK TO LIVE!!!) … And we can officially say goodbye to Brian Scalabrine, at least on the court. There were earlier reports Scal would take a coaching gig with the Bulls, but it sounds like he’ll opt instead to start a broadcast career with Comcast Sports New England, according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. Good for him. It really is amazing he lasted 11 years in the NBA. Think about that … We’re out like a 50-year-old in the NBA.

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