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Jason Terry On A Mission To Kill Miami & L.A.; Kevin Love Has Faith In Minnesota

By 09.26.12
Kevin Love

Kevin Love (photo. Blake Peterson)

After seeing all that’s happened in Denver, New Orleans, Cleveland and Orlando, Minnesota can’t act like Kevin Love is going to be around forever. Say what you want about David Kahn, but he put in work this summer, and while pretty much every one of his acquisitions (Brandon Roy, AK-47, Greg Stiemsma, Alexey Shved) comes with “how to use” instructions as if they’re gremlins, it’s at least an improvement that he didn’t look to sign every point guard on the market. What we did love about the Timberwolves’ moves were who they didn’t bring back. Darko Milicic is just completing depressing as a player (Seriously, watch him play. It always feels like he’d rather be working a 24-hour janitorial shift than hooping.). Anthony Randolph is as immature as anyone. And who knows what the hell to make of Michael Beasley at this point? Gone is much of the unproven youth. With that usually means more wins. Brimming with more confidence after the way he improved with Team USA (Love went from one of the last two guys off the bench to one of the team’s most important players by the end of the Olympics), Love is expecting to make the playoffs. Does Minnesota have a shot? Yes. But you can pencil in the top six in the Western Conference right now: in no particular order – Denver, OKC, the Lakers, the Clippers, San Antonio and Memphis are all going to get in, short of a meteor hitting somewhere out West. That leaves two spots for Golden State, Dallas, Utah and Minnesota to fight over … It’s good to see that while the world is just now being introduced to the new-look Brooklyn Nets, the actual players are already quite comfortable with each other. Deron Williams and Reggie Evans pulled off the ageless prank of stuffing MarShon Brooks‘ car with popcorn, and then used Instagram to take a picture of themselves eating a handful of it with the flooded car in the background. Does that photo not look like an album cover? It looks like UGK (RIP Pimp C) dropped in from Texas for a photoshoot … Check out the Nets new practice jerseys. We joked that the leaked photo of their real jerseys looked like something out of NBA 2K. These ones definitely do … Fresh off adding Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to their team, Jordan Brand announced they have also inked Kendall Marshall, Jared Sullinger and Jeff Taylor. Revolutionary? Hell no. In fact, none of those guys strike us as sneaker movers (although, you can give Marshall a shot just because he is a HUGE sneakerhead). But every “team” needs role players, even someone as big as Jordan Brand … And yesterday on, we dropped another feature from the new issue: the NBA’s top 10 ballhandlers of the century. Did we miss anyone? It was hard to keep off players like Steve Francis and Baron Davis, but in the end, we think we got it right, and the top spot might surprise you … We’re out like a ‘Sheed comeback.

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