The 5 Ways LeBron James Becomes The Best Ever

By: 09.28.12

LeBron James Stars In New Nike Basketball Commercial

The dumbest move you made in Miami was saying you were going to win, “Not one, not two…” You’ve probably heard every reason why “The Decision” was cringe-worthy, but yelling out your intentions to win eight titles in front of 20,000 people was wrong. That’s a conversation between you and yourself. The NBA is won on a play-by-play basis and teams are looking at your every move. And yet, still: You should keep your head in the Bill Russell title clouds. Just do it privately. Few people are as phenomenal or so game changing – any fan will begrudgingly admit that — which means reasonable goal setting is moot. So become MVP for the next five years and top-five in voting the next five after that. You’re a hybrid player, one where few comparisons can be made. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re the best of an undefined territory. The truth is you belong to a new category, where positions don’t matter as much as how long you can continue this historic run. Make it happen.

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