The Top 10 Worst Basketball Trends Since 2000

By: 09.14.12
Kobe Bryant, LeBron James

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James (photo. Nike Basketball)

Name a basketball star that has successfully bridged the Marianas Trench of a divide into music other than Wayman Tisdale. You can’t. It isn’t that the options aren’t there. They are just so poor, so consistently. Iverson, Kobe, Shaq, Stephen Jackson, Brandon Bass, Tony Parker and many more have gone the music route at one point or another since 2000. Hell, even Metta World Peace used his suspension from the league to work full-time on his album. The storyline of how this happens hasn’t changed since Kobe dropped “K.O.B.E.” featuring Tyra Banks: athletes and musicians love the company of each other. They are relentlessly talented and entertaining. Hip-hop culture and the NBA are perfect complements but the crossover of the two is nothing near as pretty as Derrick Rose‘s crossover. Kobe’s never met a shot he didn’t like, but the wisest decision he ever made was passing up a chance to make an encore track.

College is a choice most 18-year-olds choose knowing it will get them the job they want. But if that job was available – beckoning, really – and with excellent pay and perks, you’d surely take it and skip the college route. Since 2006, the NBA has stifled that freedom of choice and turned the college game into more of a halfway house than a proving ground by requiring its players to be 19 before they enter. The thinking is it creates a more mature player, even if only by degrees, and enlivens the NCAA schedule so the next LeBron won’t bypass it. And, ah yes, it allows NBA front-office types more time to evaluate future pros and safeguard against drafting busts. Punishing the players for a GM’s own bad call isn’t the right solution, however. For every Korleone Young (three career NBA games) there are the LeBrons and Kobes, just as busts and stars emerge from experienced draft picks, as well. In a game where how you play is such a personal decision, it should allow its players the choice about when they can, too.

What do you think is the worst trend to take place since 2000?

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