10 Important NBA Records That Could Be Broken Soon

By: 10.19.12
Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry (Photo. Nicky Woo)

Steve Kerr – 45.40 Percent
The three-point line made its NBA debut in 1979. Of all the players and all the seasons since then, there were only eight instances where a player finished a season shooting better than 50 percent from beyond the arc. Only eight times. Sweet shooting Steve Kerr is responsible for three of those eight seasons, and his career average of 45.4 percent is the best in NBA history. Last season, 279 players’ field goal percentages were below 45.4 percent.

Currently, the player directly behind Kerr in the three-point percentage record book is Golden State Warrior guard Stephen Curry. Through his first three seasons, Curry is shooting an incredible 44.13 percent from downtown. Not only has Curry shot the ball consistently well from deep, but he has improved his percentage each season. While Kerr’s season average dipped below 40 percent six times, Curry has never shot less than 43 percent in a season. Don’t be surprised if Curry one day enters the record book as the most accurate shooter from deep.

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