James Harden Fails A Big Test; LeBron Earns One Of The Weirdest Technicals Ever

By: 10.24.12
LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. Nike Basketball)

The Heat ran past Charlotte, 98-92. Completely expected. They made over 50 percent from the floor, and Chris Bosh (21 points) didn’t need much help from the King (ten points) or any help whatsoever from Dwyane Wade (didn’t play). Ray Allen (15 points) made shots off the bench, and the Heat looked like a coasting varsity kid who had been called down to play a half of JV. It only really got interesting when the referees decided to take the game into their own hands … We’re bound to get into a few arguments over the new flopping rules and the resulting implications of those, but we doubt we’ll ever be as confused as we were when LeBron James was called for a technical last night for… well, we’re still not sure. In the final minute of the first half, James went racing down the lane and drew a foul on Bismack Biyombo (they also could’ve called it on Gerald Henderson), sort of swinging his arms and doing a little 360 at the end as James and Henderson collided. A salty ref came streaming in, T’ed up LeBron for some reason, and then did the same to Erik Spoelstra after the coach lost his mind for a quick second. The whole situation was outrageous: LeBron actually went to the foul line because of the foul, but was called for some kind of technical or flagrant foul because he swung his arms during a mildly jarring collision. It wasn’t quite Seahawks/Packers, but it still made us want to get our Steve Young on … Indiana wore Cleveland down in the fourth quarter, eventually winning 100-82 as five different guys scored in double figures. The Cavs brought the highlights – Alonzo Gee, in particular, had a couple of dunks that might’ve even made Gerald Green jealous – but the Pacers were locked in, holding the hosts to only 37 percent shooting. Kyrie Irving, who told us yesterday that we will probably see him playing the two guard at times this year, again struggled with his shot. He scored 20 but needed 21 shots to get there, and had twice as many turnovers (four) as assists (two). Increased expectations and pressure without an increase in a team’s overall talent usually results in one thing: a decrease in efficiency … In the only other preseason game on the menu, the Warriors bounced back from an embarrassing loss in L.A. to beat Phoenix by 15. Harrison Barnes and David Lee each had 16 points … And a bit of injury news: Grant Hill won’t be seeing the court for at least a few weeks. An MRI revealed the 40-year-old has a bone bruise on his right knee. As long as Matt Barnes continues to play his ass off, no one will miss Hill … We’re out like Ibaka three-pointers.

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